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Bridgerton: The High Society Game

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Number of Players 3
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 16+
Designer(s) -
Publisher Mixlore

It's the first social of the season, and the most important time in a young aristocrat's life.

Bridgerton: The High Society Game brings the social scene from the hit Netflix series of the same name to life. In the game, players attend balls, dance with eligible prospects, as they vie with others for the affections of suitors based on their desirability, prestige, and love – all with the ultimate goal of an auspicious marriage proposal.

But you have only eight balls to secure your future, so don't be hasty as every prospect has hidden traits that affect their prestige and desirability. If you're determined, you could find the best match and marry someone you truly love. Of course, it certainly won't hurt your chances if one of your competing players is caught in a bit of scandal...

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