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Box Monster

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Mandoo Games
Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 10-20 Min
Suggested Ages 6+
Designer(s) Romain Caterdijan
Publisher Mandoo Games

A silly monster resides in my house!

Box monster consumed everything in my room. A slice of pizza, my teddy bear and even grandma's false teeth! Then, of course, he has always stomach problem. Help him to remove from his mouths the bad things he ate.

Game Play

1. Place all stuff tokens in the box and shake it.

2. Shuffle the stuff cards and put the deck on the top of the box with hour glass and 3 life tokens.

3. Reveal the top stuff card and check the stuffs on it.

4. Players put their hand in at the same time inside the Box monster through the holes on 4 sides of the box.

5. They have limited amount time to find the things by their shape.

6. 2 Players will always need to take out the same thing at the same time from the Box Monster to clear the mission.

7. When they succeed, reveal the next card and turn the hourglass.

8. If they failed to locate the stuffs in time, they lose 1 life token.

When they lose 3 life tokens, the game ends.

When they finish all stuff cards, they win the game.

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