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Bloodborne: The Board Game - Chalice Dungeon

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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 60-90 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Eric M. Lang, Michael Shinall
Publisher CMON
Base Game Bloodborne: The Board Game

The Chalice Dungeon is a well-known location filled with all kinds of terrifying monsters. Hunters often delve into its twisting halls, looking to beat these awful creatures. The foray culminates in locating and unlocking the dungeon's boss room. Inside, Hunters will be put to the ultimate test. Who will make it out alive?

The Chalice Dungeon for Bloodborne: The Board Game gives players a brand new way to experience the game. Instead of a long campaign, the Chalice Dungeon allows players to participate in one-off hunts. Their goal: Locate and defeat the dungeon's boss. Along the way, they must get ready, upgrading their Hunter as they go. For players searching for a quicker game experience, this is the perfect expansion to have.

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