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Number of Players 3-6
Playtime 30-45 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Marek Tupy
Publisher WizKids

I, Dr. Schism, being of sinister mind and decent body, leave one bequest to my underlings. The gift of petty, silly conflict!

In Bequest, players strategically split Dr. Schism’s fortune with their villainous neighbours! Each player draws five Asset cards, and then splits them into two piles for the player on their right, who will choose one to keep, leaving you with the other, while you do the same with the piles split by the player to your left. Once everyone has chosen, collect your spoils, and soon another round will begin, this time going in the opposite direction!

With a variety of different Asset types to collect, players will be keeping a close eye on their neighbours to figure out what they’re looking for, and how badly they need it. Collect matching gadgets to exponentially increase $ values, Hideouts for set $ values, but try to avoid ending up with Evidence, which count as -$3 each, once you have three or more. Global Influence earns you $10 or $20, as long as you have more than your neighbours. Schemes provide unique scoring conditions based on the rest of your asset collection.

One special Asset type is Keys to Dr. Schism’s vault, each with a spot in the drafting order for Special Asset cards, which include the Schemes, and powerful versions of the other card types. Will you take a risk and pick the smaller pile with a Key, and a chance to claim Dr. Schism’s $5 Space Station hideout? Or play it safe with a Bunker and two power cores?

Bequest packs a ton of strategy into what appear to be simple decisions. Will you be clever enough to walk away with the largest share of Dr. Schism’s estate, and become the next great supervillain?

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