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BattleCON: Devastation of the Indines (Remastered)

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Level 99 Games
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Number of Players 1-5
Playtime 45 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) D. Brad Talton, Jr.
Publisher Level 99 Games

BattleCON is a head-to-head battle card game that replicates the action and tactics of a one-on-one fighting game. Each player picks one fighter from among a vast, diverse cast from the World of Indines, and does battle against an opponent's fighter. Going strong since 2011, BattleCON has since become a worldwide sensation, attracting fierce competitors from all across the globe! BattleCON: Devastation is the largest and most fully-featured box in BattleCON's long history. Featuring 32 fighters, 5 different play modes, 6 solo/co-op dungeons, and 4 massive boss battles, Devastation is one of the most full-featured tabletop games ever realized. Now, you can experience this classic title once again, fully revised and better than ever before.

32 Fighters to master, all with a new mechanic that changes the game!

Play 1v1, teams, vs. bosses, and cooperatively! BattleCON: Devastation includes additional game modes and new options to explore.

Rigorously balanced for expert play! BattleCON: Devastation includes everything you need to run an 8-player tournament right out of the box!

Integrated storage solution makes for easy out-of-the-box play. Take your game with you wherever you go. Get set up and play in minutes.

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