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Baron Voodoo

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Lucky Duck Games
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 45 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Yann Dentil
Publisher Lucky Duck Games

Welcome to Baron Voodoo, a dice game where you don't roll the dice!

You're a Loa, a voodoo god slated take Baron Samedi's spot as the new god of death. To take his place, you have to catch the more souls than your Loa competitors in one night!

Catching a soul seems easy at first: move one of your dice to catch another dice. The options that open up after this action are where the strategic choices arise> Player choose one of the following actions:

  • pay one skull to change the face of your die
  • apply the power associated to the face of the die
  • pay 2 skulls to take another turn
  • finalize your combo of dice by putting them down on the spirit world, which is your player board, and increase your score

Each Loa has a special power. At the beginning or end of your turn, you can use it for free, or pay one skull to use the power of another player! During the game, if you meet some special conditions, you can become the "Baron Samedi" and use all special powers for free.

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