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Bananagrams Duel!

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Bananagrams Inc.
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Number of Players 2
Playtime 10 Min
Suggested Ages 7+
Designer(s) Rena Nathanson, Abe Nathanson
Publisher Bananagrams Inc.

Find your wordy rival and prepare to play the two-player word game that you can take anywhere!

Each player gets 12 letter cubes. Put the banana cards face down within reach of both players. The banana cards are used as score cards and /or theme cards.

CLASSIC DUEL Every time a player wins a round, they’re awarded one banana card. First player to 10 cards wins! In this game you only use the banana cards to keep score. Ignore the categories written on the cards.

To begin the game, any player calls out “Go!”. Simultaneously, players race to form their own crossword grid using any side of their 12 letter cubes.

Words can be read horizontally or vertically, left to right or top to bottom. All the words must connect or intersect to form one unified word grid. The grids can be rearranged at anytime.

The first player to finish a word grid with all 12 cubes calls “Bananas!” and is rewarded one banana card. At the end of every round, mix all letter cubes together, and redistribute 12 cubes to each player.

The first player to win 10 rounds and collect 10 banana cards wins the game!

THEMED GAME Set-up and play classic DUEL, but before every round begins, flip over one banana card to reveal a theme. To win the round, the first complete grid must now have at least one word that satisfies the rounds theme. Every time a player wins a themed round, they are awarded that banana card. The first to collect ten cards wins the game!

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