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Avalon: Big Box

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Number of Players 4-10
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Don Eskridge
Publisher Indie Boards & Cards

Avalon Big Box Edition is a very special release for fans of the game The Resistance: Avalon!

Avalon is a game of hidden loyalty. Players will either be Good Loyal Servants of Arthur fighting for goodness and honor, or they are aligned with the Evil ways of Mordred. Players will vote to choose who will go on which Quest, but how can they know who to trust? If Evil is able to sabotage three Quests, or if they assassinate Merlin at the end of the game, Arthur’s kingdom will fall.

Avalon Big Box is a remastered edition of the classic social deduction game The Resistance: Avalon with a huge amount of additional content included for near limitless gameplay options.

Comes with 23 distinct characters and numerous optional modules, including Lancelots, Excalibur, Plot Cards, Sorcerers, and Rogues, released as Avalon and The Resistance expansions. Also comes with are new roles and modules such as the Messengers, Lunatic, Brute, Revealer, Cleric, Trickster, and Deceiver.

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