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Atlantis Rising: Monstrosities

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Elf Creek Games
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Number of Players 1-7
Playtime 60-120 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Galen Ciscell
Publisher Elf Creek Games
Base Game Atlantis Rising (Second Edition)

The gods are sparing no effort to destroy Atlantis. From the hidden depths of the world they have called forth unspeakable terrors, monsters sent to frighten, destroy, and harry the Atlantean effort to save their civilization. But all hope is not lost. On Atlantis, as new leaders rise up to answer the challenge, new powers also emerge to protect the isle. And the gods have summoned a power even they cannot control, for some of these creatures are more sympathetic to Atlantis than to their cruel and petty gods.

Atlantis Rising: Monstrosities is an expansion for Atlantis Rising (Second Edition) that introduces these new challenges:

  • Medusa Unleashed, where the gorgon Medusa turns Atlanteans to stone. Can you end her curse and recruit her to your side?
  • The Harpies’s Lair, where three monstrous, birdlike creatures steal the resources and workers you need to build the Cosmic Gate. Can you beat the Harpies and win back the treasures found in their lair?
  • Between Scylla & Charybdis, where the monsters that have long doomed sailors leave their narrow straight and terrorize the shores of Atlantis. Can you satisfy their hunger and calm the waters that surround the isle?

Four new mechanisms are added to the game:

  • Monsters
  • Allies
  • Magic Items
  • Locations
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