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Asking for Trobils: Companions

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Breaking Games
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Number of Players 2-7
Playtime 60-75 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Erin McDonald, Christian Strain
Publisher Breaking Games
Base Game Asking for Trobils

Companions is an expansion for "Asking for Trobils".

Space is lonely, but when the missing colony ship, the Friend, appeared on the outskirts of the star system, everyone was thrilled to hear about it. Even more thrilling, the Friend Ship contains a new resource, Shards, that provides another way to capture Trobils!

The residents of this ship are excited to explore the galaxy with you. If you let them tag along, despite their silly quirks, they will give you these Shards to help rid the galaxy of Trobils.

Companion cards are randomly paired with a Shard card and placed in a new player board that comes with a Dial. The Dial helps show players where to put Shards and points to the active Quirk of the Companion.

These pairs of cards are obtained by visiting the Friend Ship location. Shards are valuable, so players will strategize how to best navigate the Quirks of their Companion in order to gain as many Shards as they can without interrupting the efficiency of their Trobil hunting.
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