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Ashes Reborn: The Frostdale Giants

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Plaid Hat Games
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 30-120 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Isaac Vega
Publisher Plaid Hat Games
Base Game Ashes Reborn: Rise of the Phoenixborn

Rin Northfell is a jovial Phoenixborn whose lust for life and fighting flares up like a beacon in his frigid homeland. Rin shuns the subtlety of complex magic, preferring monsters and spells as robust and as considerable as his spirit.

Ashes: The Frostdale Giants, which contains new Phoenixborn Rin Northfell, is a full, ready-to-play Ashes expansion deck that includes two new conjurations and a new conjured alteration spell.

Rin needs 10 Natural (blue) dice to play, which are included in the Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn base set.

Set Contents:

  • 1 Rin Northfell - Phoenixborn
  • 3 Frost Fang - Ally
  • 3 Rin's Fury - Action Spell
  • 3 Deep Freeze - Alteration Spell
  • 3 Frozen Crown - Alteration Spell
  • 3 Crystal Shield - Alteration Spell
  • 3 Summon Frostback Bear - Ready Spell
  • 3 Summon Ice Golem - Ready Spell
  • 3 Ice Trap - Reaction Spell
  • 3 Frost Bite - Ready Spell
  • 3 Freezing Blast - Action Spell
  • 5 Ice Buff - Conjured Alteration
  • 3 Ice Golem - Conjuration
  • 4 Frostback Bear - Conjuration
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