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Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 20-40 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Baptiste Le Corre
Publisher Geek Attitude Games

Countryside ponds are little slices of paradise where everything is peaceful and calm. Or so it appears... For pond’s people, this poetic backdrop represents a daily struggle for survival, where it is “eat or be eaten”!

Aquarena shows us what the food chain around a pond looks like. Carefully place your predators around the pond, so they can catch their favorite prey. But beware: they too could fall prey to other predators.

A game takes place over 4 rounds, each of which comprises of 3 successive phases: Planning, Resolution and Scoring.

1. Planning phase: starting with the first player and then in clockwise order, players choose 1 card from their hand which they place on the edge of a Water tile of their choice, discard 1 other card from their hand and draw 2 new cards. Players will continue taking turns until they have played 4 cards: the first 2 cards are placed face up and the last 2 cards are placed face down.

2. Resolution phase: the starting player picks one Water tile and reveals the face-down Predator cards that were placed on it. Every cards on the tile are resolved in numerical order, from 1 to 10. When all Predator cards on the tile have been resolved, the next player in clockwise order picks another Water tile to resolve. Continue like this until every Water tiles has been resolved.

3. Scoring phase: players will move their Frog meeple a number of spaces up the score track depending on how many flies and opponent preys they caught.

The game is over after the fourth round. The player with the most victory points will be the winner.

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