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Anomia: Party Edition

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Anomia Press
Number of Players 3-6
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Andrew Innes
Publisher Anomia Press

Anomia: Party Edition brings 6 new decks to the Anomia card game family. Each deck is a word game in which each player places a card face-up in front of them in a stack. As each card is shown, players look for matching symbols between their card and any other card. If there is a match, the two matching players face-off and must give an example of something within the category (eg. breakfast food, lake, reptile) listed on the opposing player's card as quick as possible. The first person to finish saying a correct answer wins and takes the opponent's card into a face down "winnings" pile. Since cards are played on top of each other, the person who lost the face-off reveals an earlier card on their stack and may immediately match another player's card causing a cascade of face-offs.

On top of that, there are wildcards which allow different symbols to match until it is overwritten by another wildcard which may then trigger a whole new set of face-offs. The game continues until the deck is exhausted and whoever has the most cards in their "winnings pile" is the winner.

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