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Amun-Re: 20th Anniversary Edition

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Alley Cat Games
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Number of Players 2-5
Playtime 90 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Reiner Knizia
Publisher Alley Cat Games

Everyone knows of the pyramids along the Nile — eternal monuments of a powerful and beautiful culture that can still take our breath away. Players (leaders of a royal Egyptian family) choose their sites, build their pyramids, and thank Amun-Re and the other gods for their bounty.

In Amun-Re, pharaohs wants to build the most pyramids. To accomplish this, they must first obtain a province where they can trade and farm. With their profits, they can purchase new provinces and building stones to erect pyramids. For all their actions, players must make clever use of their power cards and always offer the appropriate sacrifices to Amun-Re.

Amun-Re: 20th Anniversary Edition contains new modules that can be added to the game:

  • Officials Variant: The Officials variant can only be played with either two or three players. It gives the players an additional Scribe for bidding. Each round players bid for two provinces, keeping control of just one and gaining the Officials card from the other. The Officials cards gives exciting instant bonuses.
  • Afterlife Expansion: The Afterlife expansion introduces a fourth item you can buy in the market phase - Tomb tiles. Players put the tiles into their own personal pyramid shape, starting with a base of up to five tiles. Each placed tile will give the player a bonus, and this bonus is multiplied if the tile is placed on top of matching tiles within the pyramid. At the end of the game, each completed row of tiles will score points.
  • Statues Expansion: In the first three rounds, grand statues are added to certain provinces. These statues each give unique powers to the player who controls the province in which they are built. This expansion introduces extra interest to the auction phase and gives players their own player powers that may vary each time. The statues are miniatures representing Egyptian gods.
  • Pharaoh Mini Expansion: This mini expansion introduces tension to the auction phase by rewarding players for overbidding other players. The Pharaoh moves to each province that is overbid, and at the end of the auctions the player who wins the province with the Pharaoh receives a token that grants extra rewards in the subsequent offerings phase.
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