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Ares Games
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 60-120 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Andrea Crespi, Lorenzo Silva
Publisher Ares Games

Alone is a sci-fi survival horror / dungeon crawler game that will pit a single, stranded hero against up to 3 evil masterminds who will do their best to stop the hero from completing a quest to discover the truth and save his companions.

The Evil players will always have the full map of the scenario in front of them, hidden behind a huge screen. They manage all the events occuring during the game, and try to stop the Hero from completing his objectives.

The Hero can only see the Sector of the map they are in, and from there they will have to explore the map. All kind of horrors may be hiding in the darkness, so they will have to be cautious. At the end of each round, the portions of the map they explored will be removed from the table: only the Sector they are in will stay visible... the Hero will have to put his memory to test, if they don't want to get lost!

The story of the game will be told through several scenarios, each one divided into several chapters. Each chapter will have an objective for the Hero to complete, while the Evil players will have to stop him (or try to fulfill a different objective of their own). The outcome of each chapter will influence the gameplay of the next one: each scenario is conceived with a branching storyline that can adapt to the actions of the players: if the Hero completes their goals, their life will be easier in the next chapter... but that is also true for the Evil players!

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