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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 120 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Matúš Kotry
Publisher CGE

A little mandrake root, a small raven's feather. Toss them in the cauldron and see what they produce.

Should you consume it? Probably not. After all, that is what students are for.

Welcome to the society of Alchemists! Create experiments to find the magical properties of your ingredients. Display your knowledge by selling potions. Use the money to purchase artifacts that further your research. Publish, publish, Keep publishing! Gain grants. And reveal the fallacies published by those fools who think they can be your rivals.

Alchemists is a game of risk assessment, strategy, and deduction. Do you experiment to get more knowledge or do you publish now to receive more points? Pay to endorse the newest theory of toads or save your money for an artifact? And should you really be selling that portion to the large axe-wielding barbarian when you aren't really sure of its effects? The choices you make will prove if you are the world's greatest alchemist.

The game is meant to be played using an app that turns your tablet or smartphone into an ingredient card reader. The app is free to download.

Supported operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows


  • double-sided game board
  • theory board
  • exhibition board
  • 4 laboratory screens
  • 4 results triangles
  • 4 player boards
  • 6 adventurer tiles
  • 2 conference tiles
  • 5 grant tiles
  • 8 alchemical tokens
  • 104 result tokens
  • 36 gold piece tokens
  • 44 seal of approval tokens (set of 11 in each color)
  • 6 conflict tokens
  • starting player token
  • 8 ingredient tiles
  • gamemaster board
  • 40 ingredient cards
  • 22 favor cards
  • 18 artifact cards
  • 16 bid cards
  • 8 plastic beaker figures (2 in each color)
  • 24 plastic cubes (6 in each color)
  • pad of deduction grids
  • containers for tokens
  • rulebook
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