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50 Clues: The Pendulum of the Dead

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Norsker Games
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Number of Players 1-5
Playtime 90 Min
Suggested Ages 16+
Designer(s) Jeppe Norsker
Publisher Norsker Games

Note: This is the first game in the 50 Clues Maria Trilogy. After completing this game, you can continue the exciting, murderous story by playing Episode 2.

Maria is locked away in a psychiatric ward and must escape finding her son before it’s too late. The Pendulum of the Dead is the first episode of the murderous trilogy on Maria.

50 Clues is an immersive puzzle game that brings the experience of an escape room, in a format that can be played at home. You combine objects, solve puzzles and crack codes to complete the story. A smartphone or tablet tracks the solutions and provides multistep hints if the need arises.

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