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5-Minute Mystery

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Spin Master
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Number of Players 1-6
Playtime 5-30 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Connor Reid
Publisher Spin Master

5-Minute Mystery is a high-intensity, deductive, mystery game where players work together to find a culprit hidden in a line-up of suspects.

Just moments before the Museum of Everything was set to unveil its newest exhibit, the priceless MacGuffin, some criminal has snuck in and stole it! Now it is up to you, a team of detectives, to crack the case, find the culprit, and recover the missing MacGuffin.

Begin by searching for hidden symbols in each room of the museum and find the matching symbols on the codex. Once you have found all of the symbols in the room, you will unlock a clue about the culprit.

Match the barcode of the clue tile against the culprit tile to find valuable information about the crook. Does the thief have an umbrella? No? Well, that rules out the shifty Mr. Braxton, doesn’t it? Quickly sort through the suspect cards in your hand to figure out who the criminal can be.

You will have to make it through as many rooms as it takes to figure out exactly who is responsible for stealing the MacGuffin, but remember, time is not on your side!

Case files alter the rules to each time you play, making every game a new challenge.

Do you got what it takes to be the detective to crack the case and solve this five-minute mystery? Only time will tell!

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