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18 Holes (Second Edition)

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Seabrook Studios
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Number of Players 1-5
Playtime 30-60 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Ryan Boucher
Publisher Seabrook Studios

A beautiful drive down the fairway is always a satisfying feeling. And yet, beyond the trees, you see an alternative. A short-cut to the green. Do you take the risk? Intentionally hit off-course in this golf-themed board game for up to 5 players. With some clever thinking, you'll be able to change your bad luck into the perfect shot.

In 18 Holes, you'll design and create the course, you'll draft for clubs and you'll compete on course to win. Each hole is an opportunity to outplay your opponents and reach the green first. Play solo or with two to five players either around the table or even remote using our companion app.

Each game of 18 Holes plays on a new course. Design it together or go online to the 18 Holes Clubhouse and play a course made by other players. With 49 different double-sided tiles, course-adjustment tiles and eight different game modes (including solo and two player). 18 Holes lets you tailor the playing experience to match your crowd.

The second edition contains more trees, more game modes, a new box size and upgraded components.

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